Animal Assisted Therapy in Counseling (AAT-C)



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Woodlyn's Good Samaritan (SAM)

Used as augmentation to my work with individuals, couples, & families suffering with depression, anxiety, grief/bereavement, compulsive gambling, infidelity, I have begun offering Animal Assisted Therapy in Counseling (AAT-C) for those who could benefit from it. You can find additional
information on this on my company FB page.

Is Pet Therapy Right for You? Getting a pet may seem like a simplistic way to combat a mental health problem, but there are dozens of studies that show that pets, particularly dogs, can have a profound effect on your mental and physical health. Without your really realizing it, pets can change your life in many positive ways. • Pets provide a sense of security. • Pets help provide a schedule and routine to your life. • Pets can be an avenue to more social interaction. • Pets give you unconditional love. • Just being around pets appears to have significant positive health effects including lowering your blood pressure and strengthening your immune system. • Although pets can require a significant amount of work, that isn’t necessarily a drawback. Doing meaningful “work” is always an important part of feeling good about yourself. • Pets will almost always make you smile. Although some studies suggest that having any pet in your home, even a fish or a hamster, can have psychological benefits, formal programs using dogs and horses are more thoroughly researched and seem to give the most therapeutic benefits. There are therapeutic horseback riding programs throughout the country, many specializing in specific conditions like PTSD, anxiety problems, and more. If this is something you are interested in, make sure you research and visit the program before you enroll. If you are not ready to commit to getting a pet, but you do like animals, you might consider volunteering at a rescue shelter or being a foster parent to a dog or cat. You can contact your local chapter of the ASPCA to find out about opportunities in your area. Use the worksheet to help determine how Pet Therapy might be helpful Reference: Animal Assisted Therapy and What Science Says. (UCLA Health)